Founded by extreme skier George Fox in 2000, DRY-X is the go-to choice by corporations, professional sports teams, and luxury design firms worldwide.

In the spring of 2000, DRY-X founder George Fox was tired of putting on cold, wet gear day after day. Not satisfied with what was available in ski shops and online, George decided to create a company with quality, longevity, and green practices in mind.

He paired his extensive knowledge of boots, gloves, and equipment with how-things-work to create his first patented boot and glove dryer. 15 years later, DRY-X dryers are the go-to choice of ski resorts, professional sports teams, search and rescue outfits, offshore oil rigs and beyond.

DRY-X is the only company who designs each dryer with the application in mind. We believe in designing dryers for your use, design simply does not fit all.