Our Process


"Warm air" and heated dryers destroy gear, period. The structural integrity of your equipment, boots, gloves, and helmets are compromised when exposed to heated air. Constant heat shortens the life of every protective component of your gear. Our boot dryer systems are designed and hand crafted with a no-heat philosophy. Our dryers are fast, efficient, and are made from only the highest quality materials available. DRY-X dryers blow more air than competitors while being the quietest system on the market.

Because of our no-heat philosophy and energy efficient design, you can leave our dryers on as long as you want without concern. In fact, one of our clients leave their dryer systems on from October - May, yearly.


DRY-X designs have gone through rigorous testing. We test our products every day, to ensure that our clients, get the best and longest lasting boot dryers anywhere. Here at DRY-X, our boot dryers are tested by world-class athletes in the toughest of conditions. By pushing our gear to the extreme, day in and day out, we are able to test the durability of our boot and glove dryers. This is why DRY-X boot dryers are trusted by the world's most demanding industries and athletes.


Our pricing is a direct reflection of the dedication we have to our products, and our desire to make dry, comfortable gear available to everyone. Our range of products offer drying solutions no matter the budget. From individual mobile units to large quantity commercial grade systems, we have something for everyone.


Because of the wide range of DRY-X products, and our custom design services, there simply isn't a more versatile dryer than a DRY-X dryer. We offer dryers with extendable hoses, rigid hoses, steel piping, copper piping, and even colored hoses, because whatever you can dream up, we can make. The configurations are endless with DRY-X boot, equipment and glove dryers. For our international clients, we design and build your dryers to the power specifications of your country.